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Zodiac Killer Ciphers Decoded

I am offering a code keyand completed ciphers , that solves six of the infamous zodiac killers unsolved ciphers , The 340 cipher, the My Name Is Cipher , The bomb cipher , The Message to Zodiac Cipher , The 1990 Celebrity Cipher and the 408 Remainder Cipher and the code key . 


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This/ My  code key gives complete sentences of the cryptic symbols and in a wording of the zodiac in every cipher , no blank spaces ,  or oddly spelled words ,no very inside or strange wording , the fact that this code does this to the 340 cipher alone should convince skeptics that it is correct ,but then the same code key does the same to the other unsolved ciphers ,leaves no doubt. I came upon this a few years ago , in 2015 .

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the 2nd line of the 340 reads  CAST/BY/GOD/FOR/A/LIFE